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art direction and digital strategy

Luxury overwater vacation resort on Bora Bora

Honeymoon Plans

I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled a bit in my life already. My fiance and I have already been to Hawaii, a trip we loved! Tahiti is an astounding place to vacation I’ve heard, and may be our choice for a Honeymoon destination. What I do know is you do Honeymoom once, and I want it to be spectacular!


Design + Storytelling

What a week at Inflexion Interactive. Several site launches and a new client, its easy to forget what clients come to us for. Recenty, I’ve been working with brands that have been in business for over 50 years… It creates the challenge of being retro and relevant to a growing younger demographic. Take the brand Coca-Cola. It’s immersed in nostalgia.


When working with a new brand, the same questions can be asked:

  • How did the business start?
  • What’s in your name?
  • What product or service do you provide?


There’s a story and a great design in just about anything. Brands pick agencies for their creativity and energy / that we can immerse in their brand and walk in their customer’s shoes.

Outdoor Hockey

Outdoor Hockey

The New Jersey Devils will get to take part in a game of hockey outside! As a huge Devils fan, I’m so excited, not to mention it’s against our biggest rival and taking place in Yankee Stadium. Just got my tickets today… more info can be found here:

#LetsGoDevils #StadiumSeries2014

Kick Back

Kick Back

I love being in Jersey in the summer. Makes me want to grab a beer and relax on the deck or head down the shore. The beer industry is an especially creative international market; whether small craft brews or corporate enterprises, each company strives to represent desirable lifestyles for their consumers. Here are a few sites I love:


Alaskan Brewing Company

Landshark Lager

Pilsner Urquell

Rolling Rock

D'Angelico Guitars_A Legend is Born

Webby Award Honoree

Very happy to announce that a project I was leading last year and launched early in 2013 is now a Webby Award Honoree for the Best Visual Design-Function category.

The Webby Awards are to the Internet as the Oscars are to film.  As cliché as it sounds, it is an honor just to be in the mix with these other amazing agencies and websites. If you would like to learn more about the Webby Awards, you can do so here. In the meantime, check out the site that earned the honor: D’Angelico Guitars.



My heart goes out to all those affected, injured and deceased at today’s Boston Marathon. I ran the 2009 NYC Marathon and know first-hand what a amazing day and feeling it should be with friends and family. It’s so disheartening to see such evil occur like this. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston today.

Hours Work

What hours do you work?

I try to keep a typical work schedule (9-5) but that sometimes is split between home and Inflexion. It helps to stick to a schedule when you work for yourself or set your own time. But I love the flexibility; I keep my evenings free for family and friends.

Hacking the Brain

User Experience IS Important

Why? Because gaining an understanding how your users think will enable us to design an interface that converts and encourage repeat visits. Ryan Singer from 37signals made the observation that, “if you make chairs, you’ll want to understand how people sit. If you make user interfaces, then you should understand how people think.”


Ready for 2013?

With Q4 2012 coming to a close, marketers look back and ask themselves, “have I accomplished everything needed this past year?” Or better yet, “have I allocated my budget in time so not to see it go to waste or trimmed in 2013? If you’re asking yourself these questions, I can help. Reach out to see if your 2013 goals are ready for flight with Inflexion’s suite of services and expertise.


As a natural leader, I’ve initiated best practices and standards in design and development. As a mentor, I’ve trained numerous marketing students techniques, secrets and subtle nuances of the digital discipline.


I have been helping start-ups to Fortune 500 companies around the world since 2007. Visit Blackwave Creative to see work from my first agency.


I am happily employed full-time at Inflexion Interactive and therefore not available for freelance projects. Reach out if you are interested in working with an agency for your brand or company.